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Run Off


WPCA Qualification Run-Off

Bashaw Alberta
Date August 29th - Sept 1st, 2013


The Lineup
Open to any non-exempt sanctioned chuckwagon driver wishing to compete on the next season's WPCA Pro Tour.
4 Days

Start Times

Thursday 7pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Pony chucks will run at 5:30 with WPCA to follow

The Format
The top 30 wagons from the 2012 WPCA Pro Tour automatically qualify for the 2013 WPCA GMC Pro Tour. If any driver inside the top 30 from 2012 decides not to compete in 2013, the next driver(s) in the official world standings will move up and recieve exempt status for 2013. All other non-exempt sanctioned chuckwagon drivers who would like to earn the privilege to compete on the 2013 WPCA Pro Tour must do so through the qualification run off. The number of wagons entered in the qualification run-off will determine the point system. For example, if 20 wagons are entered, then top wagon on each day will receive 20 points on down to the last wagon receiving 1 point. A driver is limited to driving only one wagon. After 4 days the top 6 wagons in the run-off point standings will have earned the privilege to compete on the 2013 WPCA Pro Tour. No points are given for where the wagons place in overall aggregate time, however aggregate time will be used to break any ties.


Driver's Medical (to be filled out if NOT part of 2013 WPCA Pro Tour or 2013 Calgary Stampede)


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