The Rules

The Race

  • A chuckwagon race will consist of two to four wagons, with two outriders per wagon.
  • An individual chuckwagon race is referred to as a heat.
  • Each wagon will start on the right side of its starting barrel, with the hub of the rear wheels in line with any part of the barrel closest to the racetrack (Bottom barrel).
  • A gun or horn (Klaxon) is used as a starting signal for a chuckwagon race.
  • When a race has been started, outriders must load the stove into the back of the wagon.
  • Each wagon must cut a figure 8 pattern around their respective barrels only.
  • Outriders must cut a figure 8 pattern around their respective barrels only.
  • Chuckwagons and outriders then run around the racetrack in a counter clockwise direction.
  • A chuckwagon’s running time will be determined when the nose of its first horse crosses the finish line.
  • Each outrider must finish within 150 feet of its wagon or they will be determined late.
  • A chuckwagon’s total time will be determined by adding its running time to any penalties it may have incurred during the course of the race.





Basic penalties


Penalty Call Time Penalty
Wagon interference Min. of 1 Second
Late outrider 1 Second
Outrider finishing ahead of wagon 1 Second
Outrider not finishing race 1 Second
Outrider interference Discretion of judges
Stove off ground to start race 2 Seconds
Stove not loaded 4 Seconds
Wagon starting ahead of barrel 1 Second
False start 1 Second
Wagon knocks over a barrel 5 Seconds / Barrel
Wagon missing a barrel 10 Seconds / Barrel
Outrider knocking over a barrel 2 Seconds / Barrel
Outrider missing a barrel 2 Seconds / Barrel