Chance Bensmiller Opens Up The 2019 WPCA Qualification Run Off With The Top Time

Chance Bensmiller - Number One On Night One In Dewberry
Photo By Fred Vidiuk

For the drivers trying to qualify for the for 2020 WPCA Pro Tour, the annual WPCA Qualification Run-Off kicked off Thursday night in Dewberry, Alberta. Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association driver Chance Bensmiller opened up the event with the top time of the day with a run of 1:08.48.

Coming off barrel number 2 in heat 6, Bensmiller, driving the First General Services outfit, was the best on the night by just 4 one-hundredths of a second over Layne Flad who placed second on the night. Kris Molle placed third, Curtis Morin was fourth, while Dayton Sutherland and Lane Tournier were involved in a spectacular dead heat in Heat number 5 to split fifth and sixth on opening night. Cody Fraser, Erik Tremblay, Kelly Morin, Blaid Flad, Roy Romanow and Louis Stanley also competed but did not crack the top six on the night.

The top 30 wagons from the 2019 WPCA Pro Tour automatically qualify for the 2020 WPCA Pro Tour. All other wagons who would like to earn the privilege to compete on the 2020 WPCA Pro Tour must do so through the qualification run off. This year's qualification run off will feature 12 drivers competing for 6 spots in the 2020 lineup. The format is 6 heats of two wagons per heat.

The 2019 Qualification Run Off races will run at 7:00pm from Thursday through Saturday with Sundays races starting at 2:00pm.

Billy Melville