The World Professional Chuckwagon Association in partnership with the Grande Prairie Stompede, Guy Weadick Days and Ponoka Stampede will be offering chuckwagon racing fans the opportunity to experience the first half of the WPCA Pro Tour through the FLO RODEO streaming platform.

WPCA fans have been asking for a close up view of the races through their computer or mobile device for some time. The feed from the onsite production companies who already provide video services at the live events will help provide that.

In addition to wanting a more close up video stream, fans who are unable to support the WPCA by attending live events or providing sponsorship have asked how they can still support the WPCA.

The FLO RODEO streaming platform offers one solution for fans to be part of promoting and preserving the western heritage.


2019 LIVE STREAM SERIES SCHEDULE (First Half Schedule)

Grande Prarie Stompede May 29 - June 2 (FLO RODEO)

Saskatoon June 6 - June 9 (WPCA Facebook Page)

Medicine Hat June 13 - June 16  (WPCA Facebook Page)

High River June 20 - June 23 (FLO RODEO)

Ponoka Stampede June 26 - July 1 (FLO RODEO)



The WPCA is in the process of confirming the streaming schedule for the back half of the 2019 season starting August 2nd in Strathmore for the Strathmore Stampede.

CLICK HERE to get started

CLICK HERE for example of Ponoka Stampede 2018

*Based on a 1 month subscription, fans signing up for FLO RODEO on May 29th will have access to 12 live streams on FLO RODEO for only $29.99US or $2.49 per broadcast.  The subscription also gives you access to the replays (following day) any interviews and more.

Eg. Grande Prairie (5 Days); High River (4 Days); Ponoka Stampede (June 26, 27 & 28)