RACE DATES: August 3 - August 6

LOCATION: Strathmore Ag Grounds

The Strathmore Stampede Chuckwagon Races rank among the top 3 in the sports attendance with the Calgary Stampede and Ponoka Stampede ranked 1st and 2nd

Less than 30 minutes from Calgary, the WPCA event in Strathmore offers fans an up close, feel the ground shake experience from drivers who just 2 weeks prior were racing at the Calgary Stampede.

See the driver list below for drivers who are available and click on their name for their profile.

*Email office@wpca.com today for information on sponsoring a WPCA driver in Strathmore. 



                                 DRIVER                  SPONSOR
    Kurt Bensmiller    
    Cliff Cunningham    
    Troy Dorchester    
    Chad Fike    
    Jordie Fike    
    Blaid Flad    
    Darcy Flad    
    Troy Flad    
    Rick Fraser    
    Jason Glass    
    Dustin Gorst    
    Gary Gorst    
    Logan Gorst    
    Chad Harden    
    Josh Hyrnyk    
    Doug Irvine    
    Jim Knight    
    Ross Knight    
    Layne MacGillvray    
    Codey McCurrach    
    Roger Moore    
    Curtis Morin    
    Kelly Morin    
    Obrey Motowylo    
    Vern Nolin    
    Cody Ridsdale    
    Evan Salmond    
    Dayton Sutherland    
    Kirk Sutherland    
    Mark Sutherland    
    Mitch Sutherland    
    Luke Tournier    
    Bob Van Eaton    
    Chanse Vigen    
    Mike Vigen    
    John Walters    


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