Camp Carmangay, Wagon of Hope/No Bully

In 2013 Camp Carmangay won the Calgary Stampede Western Legacy award in recognition for innovation for charities ability to introduce at risk and disadvantaged youth to the western lifestyle at their one of a kind ranch style camp. In this the charities 14th year of operation they are partnering to reach all corners of our province through an innovative partnership with the WPCA.

Founder Paul Wagman a Calgary police officer states "we have always prided ourselves on being responsive to the needs of youth in our community, and now we are loosing the lives of too many youth and we aim to stop it and ask everyone to help."

Paul lost a family young member a few months ago to suicide and has pulled together numerous resources for a series of summer camps dedicated to this initiative. The World Professional Chuckwagon Association is excited about the partnership with Camp Carmangay and this initiative. They plan to raise awareness at all the World Pro Tour stops throughout the season. WPCA General Manager, Tom Barrow states "This is a cause we are thrilled to support, it allows us to reach the rural communities on our Tour and let kids know we care and are making a stand against bullying. We want to raise awareness of this very sensitive issue as well as provide an opportunity for the next generation of Chuckwagon fans to interact with our drivers, riders and equine athletes. We have sponsorship opportunities available for interested corporate and community partners to support our initiative - the “Wagon of Hope”. "

What is critical is that the community comes together to support this 2 pronged initiative. Funding is needed to support the series of camps focused on this initiative, and to raise the awareness. Secondly, media and social media need to recognize the impact of this one of a kind project and spread the word to raise awareness. The partnership is looking for sponsors to support the “Wagon of Hope” during the World Pro Chuckwagon Tour as well as during the Calgary Stampede, GMC Rangeland Derby.  If this can be accomplished, not only would the camps be a success but awareness would reach the world stage. These issues are community concerns we simply can't ignore, there will be and already has been a measurable impact.

To learn more contact
Paul Wagman 403-998-5166
Camp Carmangay on Facebook
Twitter - @campcarmangay
Tom Barrow, General Manager
wpca.com (403)835-3850
Twitter - @wpcachucks
World Professional Chuckwagon Association on Facebook

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